Harness production for Jacquard Machines

We produce and supply harnesses

  • for all types of Jacquard Machines including electronic Jacquards
  • for any number of hooks, threads and for any width of cumberboards
  • for all types of looms


Guiding board   We produce these for all Jacquard types.
Threads   We produce threads from Trevira or Dacron. We have a new product which is a special thread for high-speed jacquards. It is anti-staticaly threated, highly wear-resistant, flexible, stable whendrawn, this soft knitted fabric saves comber board.
Cumberboards   Vulcan-fibre boards are made from a special material which is extremely hard-wearing and fixed in a metal frame. Alternatively, they can be equipped with glass linigs. Holes can be drilled straight or angeled to any required density.
Healds   Supplied according to the type of yarn specified, environment and weaving technology.
Returns   Weight with flexible elastic connection for the healds, Lycra, covered springs, uncovered springs – special construction for high-speed machines.
Plastic Nozzles   For returns and springs.
Bottom Frames for Returns (Lowering Elements)   We produce these for all types of looms.

The combination of these components with our know-how and traditional craftsmanship during production quarantees the highest quality to our customers.

We will prepare a quotation subject to the technical conditions agreed and the components used. (Please see our technical questionnaire.)

RASTA, together with the most well-known firm of its kind in the Czech Republic – DESIGN STUDIO, will prepare designs or patterns for jacquared cloth, including punched cards or diskettes, in respect of RASTA harness production.

RASTA will provide technical documentation, and arrange complete delivery and assembly of the gantry, as well as placement of the machines on the gantry, for any type of Jacquard machine.

Delivery and Service

The Rasta harness is supplied complete, balanced and ready for assembly. If the customer wishes to apply threads into healds, we can arrange it. If required RASTA will deliver and assemble the harness at the customer's factory. We can also arrange our installation services outside working hours, if our customers wish. All this ensures considerable time saving and areduction of loom down-time for our customers.

Time saved increases productivity!

The merits of our products

  • Precision: This is based on a long tradition of production, careful attention to detail by our highly experienced staff, and our quality control programme.
  • Reliability and Longevity: A RASTA harness is made from the highest quality components, supplied by leading companies from both inside and outside the Czech Republic. RASTA cooperates with weaving research centres and is always aware of the latest developments in textile technology. We use up-to-date materials and components and are at the forefront when applying the latest developments in textiles and manufacturing to our production.

We believe in close personal liasons with our customers, and, to this end, we welcome the opportunity to visit you, in order to evaluate your installation site, to maximise the technical and economic benefits of using the latest components and materials. We believe this cooperation to be mutually advantageous to ourselves and our customers.

We are confident that you will find our offer attractive, both technically and financially, and we look forward to working with you.